Friday, February 1, 2008

Not House Hunting

Adam and I decided not to look for a new apartment for now. We weighed the pros and cons, and decided it made sense to stay where we are. My main concern was the idiot college boy neighbors, but I figure I have a few months to figure out how to put the fear of God into them so they won't be too loud and obnoxious.

Because honestly, his current place has all we need. He's got it all customized. Crookshanks is there, and Lucy is welcome. It's nicely sized, and it has a dishwasher and central air. It has a bathtub as well. It's close to bus and train stops, Sip is a 5 minute walk away, there are yummy restaurants around, a CVS nearby, and some street parking. If the obnoxious idiot with the big truck wouldn't HOG...

So, we saved some money. And decided to seriously redecorate his current place. Okay, it was more like I planted the seed and as I hoped, he ran with it. :) He's really into decorating. Me? Not so much. He was so ready to set up a new place, so I told him to rearrange. He did. He'll have to do a lot more when I show up with my U-Haul of crap.

So now that he's getting things set up, it's starting to feel a bit more real. There are still a few months before I actually move in, but every day brings me closer to that time.


Jessica said...

I'm excited for you. With you moving in and the rearranging going on, the old place will feel like new, anyway. It's funny, because it's similar in our house -- Kevin is really into decorating, and I'm not. And he does a great job. Here's to a happy home! :)

Caitlin said...

This just seems like such a wonderful thing, to have a little time to create your own home before moving into a new space. I know it's a very different view from the traditional way of looking at the living situation of a newly married couple, but I think it's great.