Monday, May 5, 2008

Settling In

It's been a while since I have posted. (And Adam too, for that matter!) It's been weeks of getting settled in, looking for a job, and trying to figure out my way around here. Things are certainly interesting. The cost of living is definitely higher. I see it mostly in food and fuel, but I guess that's being felt by everyone everywhere. Gas here hovers at around $4 a gallon, so I try not to drive anywhere except the grocery store. Thank God Chicago has a decent public transportation system. Well, the trains are cool, at least. The buses--I've never been a fan of buses and here, give me the train any day.

We do most of our grocery shopping at ALDI. If I am DESPERATE for some Hunts tomato sauce or Doritos or Quaker granola bars, I'll go to Bari or CVS. The grocery stores here are not that cheap, but if you catch a sale on the things you need, it can work out great. The 25 oz. box of Froot Loops I got for $4 at Jewel-Osco? SCORE. The 65 cents for a can of Hunts tomato sauce? Unscore. :(

The job search is hard. On the one hand, I like taking my time waking up in the mornings, and having the day to do whatever. On the other hand, I don't like not making a lot of money. Bills don't stop just because you don't have a job, and the market is soooo competitive and discouraging at times. In a few weeks, I'll be poised to seriously panic.

So, I think once I am working, I will feel more at home. Plus, in a month, Aidan comes for the summer, which should be fun and interesting.

All in all, I'm getting there.

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Jessica said...

I remember you mentioning ALDI on your LJ before. I just found out yesterday that they are opening one in RI, about 5 minutes from my house. I'm excited to check it out! :)